A Faster Way to Create the Results You Want in Life & Business…with the FA²ST System™

Yes, you have a big dream! In order to access your big dream, and actually make it a reality in your life, you need to create legacy-building confidence.

What I am about to share, I’ve really never heard anybody speak about before. It comes from my life experiences and from being deeply involved in other people’s lives on a daily basis…especially my fantastic clients all over the world!

This chapter is about becoming ‘the person you must become.’

What does “legacy building confidence” mean? It means you develop enough self-assurance to move forward every day toward making your dreams a reality. It also means acquiring the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to make your dream happen. But developing legacy building confidence isn’t all about you or your success. It’s not about what you do for people, it’s about how you can leave a lasting impression in the lives you touch.

Yes, most important of all, creating legacy-building confidence means having the opportunity to leave a gift in the lives you touch every day. How do you leave this legacy in people? As I mentioned, it all begins with being the person you must become.

When you have a powerful dream, it’s because you are meant to take action on it. Naturally, you can’t do it alone. You need to surround yourself with people who will help you move forward, and at the same time prevent you from remaining ‘status-quo’.

You need guidance. You need mentors to show you the way.

Becoming the person you must become comes down to a number of key principles. The following is part of the mentoring that I do to assist people from all over the world to accomplish the following: 1. start and grow an ‘advice based business’; 2. and stand apart confidently in a ‘sea of sameness’ so they can achieve their life’s calling–their legacy.

I want to share with you how to create what I refer to as the ‘fast’ approach to change so that you can build confidence to go for your BIG DREAM.

Before I explain the system, let me tell you this. It’s powerful, its proprietary, and I guarantee you it absolutely works. I have used it myself over and over again, and I have taught others how to use it to break free from their self-imposed limitations, and set themselves on an accelerated path to success.

Let me explain some principles about change, and some basic premises before I teach you how to change any behavior quickly. When you can do this repeatedly, you can begin to go after your dream and the goals you have for yourself and your life.

Consider the following:

Major premise: “I can control my thoughts.”

If you don’t think you can control your thoughts, then you need some help. You can control your thoughts. You are a responsible human being. Your thoughts don’t have to run rampant in your mind. You can and you must learn to take charge of your thoughts, and teach yourself to have more control.

Action: I control my thoughts.

Minor premise: “My feelings come from my thoughts.”

Like thoughts, emotions do not have to act like demanding toddlers who always get their way. You can and must take charge of your emotions. Don’t let them force you into bad decisions, and never ever let them coax you into giving up on your big dream.

Action: I am not my emotions. I choose to control my emotions.

Conclusion: “I can control my feelings by controlling my thoughts.”

I can remember so many times in my past where I didn’t do something that I knew would bring me closer to my dream just because I ‘lost’ the feeling. Perhaps you can relate. You have a feeling late at night before you go to bed that you can do anything, but by seven the following morning you have lost this feeling of confidence. ARG!

For many years this kind of pattern had a debilitating effect on my actions and results. My limiting beliefs stopped me for years from launching my own business. The problem was quite simple: I let my feelings and fear control me. It’s still painful to consider how much time I lost!

The quickest way to control your feelings is to take action. Here are three simple steps to consider: 1. Make a decision; 2. Build a new belief; and 3. Reinforce that new belief with action. You can’t sit and try to out-think fear because fear will always win.

Once you understand the major and minor premises stated above, you will want to put them into practice. This will require you to become more aware of your prevailing thoughts and feelings so you can make changes as necessary.

Which brings me to another one of my favorite topics: Change.

Glenn Dietzel’s Three Pillars of Change

1. Change is personal: “I need to change.”

Change is intensely personal and you’ll never embark on any major goal or lifestyle change or dream until you understand that you need to change, and feel it deeply.

2. Change is possible: “I am able to change.”

If you don’t think it’s possible for you to make a change, it will never happen. Your expectations create your experience. Believe that you can change. Will it be difficult? Of course it will! But believe it is possible and miraculously, you will enjoy the process.

3. Change is profitable: “I will be rewarded for change.”

Now I’m not talking about financial or other tangible rewards, although those will certainly come to you as you become the person you must become. What I’m talking about here are the intangible rewards for change, and these are the most motivating ones. The increased confidence, the increased self-esteem, the increased power of believing in yourself which you will experience, as a by-product, will bring a world of opportunity and countless other rewards into your life. That I can promise you!

When You Change Your Thinking, You Change Your Beliefs

John Maxwell put this very well. “A belief is not just an idea you possess; it is an idea that possesses you.” What this means is that ideas are not the same as beliefs. Ideas come and go, and some change your life and others don’t. But beliefs are the ideas that have such a firm hold on your mind and on your life that they guide all your thoughts and actions. That’s what beliefs do. They direct every thought you have and every action you take. That’s why beliefs are so powerful.

Attitude Determines Action

The psychologist William James wrote, “That which holds our attention determines our action.” What we focus on creates our attitudes, and attitudes drive action. When you believe differently you will think differently and then you will act differently.

Do you have it in you to change your thoughts and your beliefs, and thus change how you act? Are you focused enough and powerful enough to make your big dream a reality? I know you have it in you to change, but YOU have to know it too. You have to expect nothing but the best from yourself and know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that you can succeed.

Whatever you believe is true for you will be true. In other words, if you believe you will fail, you will fail. Conversely, if you believe you will win, you will win!

OK, let’s get to work. Let’s give you the tool for change you need. I want you to write down FA²ST™. It’s really F-A-A-S-T, with two A’s, but I write it as A-squared for a powerful reason. The process is not linear—it’s not a straight line at all. It has a velocity component creating geometric—or accelerated—growth. My clients do not want linear growth, they want fast-tracked growth hence the reason I use the A-squared.

Important Principles of the FA²ST System

We all want to change things quickly, right?

Super successful people are able to make key changes in their behavior literally on the fly.

This is especially important in business which is near and dear to my heart.

Because of the realities in today’s ever changing world, the most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs are the ones that can adapt to change the quickest.

Most people think change is difficult.

Yes, change can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you use a system to assist you.

I personally believe you can make fast changes. In fact, I might be going out on a limb to say this, but I believe anyone can make profound changes in their lives if they use a proven system.

With the FA²ST system, you can change any behavior you want in as little as five minutes, and I’m going to show you how to do that. Any behavior at all! If you are to become the person you must become, you need to have a system to help you.

What needs to happen is this: You need to start telling yourself a new story—one that empowers you to achieve the greatness within you—one that launches you toward being the person you must become. Get ready because you are about to learn how to change your personal story. You are about to revolutionize your life, quickly and easily. Isn’t that exciting?

Now to change that story, it comes down to constructing new behaviors. You need to drop the old ways of acting which are not giving you the results you want, and start with brand new behaviors. In order to do that, you must understand something else about how the brain works, and how habits become entrenched into your way of thinking and behaving.

Science shows us that once a behavior is established, it is literally hard-wired into your brain. The brain cells (neurons) are a basic part of your thinking.

Your decision to make a change starts as a thought. When you have the same thought over time, it becomes a thought pattern. When you keep practicing the new way of thinking and acting, you make it stronger and it becomes a new habit. Literally you develop new neural pathways! Isn’t that amazing?

The Subconscious Mind at Work

Why do I refer to the subconscious mind? It’s because this is the part of your brain which is actually doing the thinking most of the time. It’s been programmed through years and years of history. You have inadvertently trained your subconscious mind to work against you by internalizing other people’s stories about your life, many of them probably holding you hostage to your big dream right now.

The subconscious mind is controlled to a large degree by the reticular activating system or RAS. What’s that you might ask? It’s the part of the brain responsible for goal setting. It’s the part of your brain that controls what you see yourself capable of accomplishing. More importantly, when you retrain your RAS it will harness the power of expectation and help you realize your true potential for you to be the person you must become.

Your RAS is always on the alert to reaffirm the story you have about success. In order to change your story, you must realize that your current story playing over and over again in your subconscious must be re-orchestrated.

Your mind is constantly asking you questions. It’s doing this all the time, and it’s doing it right now! The sad thing is that most of the time it’s asking the same mind-limiting, life-inhibiting questions day after day after day. This is why it’s so important to learn how to talk to yourself so you can change.

A ‘Speed-to-Market’ principle I teach to all my clients is, ‘Writing is the doing part of thinking.’ The fastest way to create a new set of questions and answers for your brain, and create deeper levels of concentration, is to begin to physically write things down. Writing is literally the most kinesthetic way of activating your subconscious allowing you to begin re-programming new beliefs about what you can achieve. This is also very instrumental in setting new goals.

This is why I encourage you to write, because when you are done writing and go back to doing what you were doing, your subconscious mind is now working on the answers to your questions. It’s processing and coming up with answers for you without you consciously thinking about solutions. Your subconscious is refocusing and rechanneling your thoughts on the fly! How powerful is that!

Introducing the FA²ST™ System

This innovative technique will revolutionize your life—and your business—as you set and accomplish more empowering goals for yourself.

“F” is for Focus

You have to focus on what you want in life and analyze the limiting beliefs you have established. Your current beliefs are represented by your current actions. Begin to focus on new beliefs which you want to realize as new behaviors in your life. Your beliefs drive your actions. It’s ultimately why you do what you’re doing, and it’s based on the values that you have.

Analyze the questions that you’re asking in the back of your mind, and learn to ask yourself more powerful questions which will move you forward. And of course, you should write these down, because you know that: “Writing is the doing part of thinking!”

Now focus on new and more powerful questions. Ask these questions in an emotionally charged way. In other words, formulate these questions in a way which connects you to them emotionally. Do to yourself what salespeople and marketers do to you all the time. Play to your own emotions. Draw on their power.

For example, tell yourself a new story about why you deserve success. Focus on the new belief system. Instead of asking yourself, “Why me?”—reframe the question into, “Why not me?” Say it over and over again, and connect to this more empowering question with greater emotion.

Thomas Fuller, chaplain to King Charles II of England, said, “He that is everywhere is nowhere.” In other words, without focus, you cannot succeed.

Your success and your legacy start with focus. Concentrate on the following:
1. A new belief;
2. A better question; and
3. A more powerful answer.

When you input better questions into your brain, you will begin to get better answers! This is a great way of empowering your thinking. When you do this successfully, watch your life begin to change quickly.

OK, so that’s focus. Now what about the first A?

The First “A” is for Action

As you reprogram your thinking with new beliefs about what’s possible for your life, what specific actions are you going to take?

The quickest way of reinforcing new beliefs and thoughts you’re developing is to take action. Unfortunately, it’s not good enough to decide what needs to change. You need to DO something, take action on it to reinforce the decision and belief.

Now I want to give you an example from my own life, then I want to challenge you to commit to changing yours. Let’s use the idea of speaking, because that was a major hurdle for me to overcome.

For years I said to myself, “Who am I to speak in front of tens of thousands of people?” This question was killing any opportunity for me to actually realize goals and dreams because I was asking the wrong question.

It was fear based.

So I reprogrammed the question to the following: “Why not me to speak in front of ten thousand people?” The change is subtle, but it had a profound impact on developing a new belief within me about speaking and success. As well, the emotion that it created within me propelled me forward with my new, more empowering belief.

I knew I could confidently speak in front of ten thousand people because to be the person I must become, would require me to get over this limitation so I would be able to confidently share my story and message with the world.

It’s your turn. I know there’s something you’re good at, and I know someone at work or church or in a community organization will ask you to share and teach that skill. So here’s what you do.

Write this down…

“The next time somebody says I’m good at ______, I am going to take action and accept the challenge.” If you aren’t comfortable with the way I put it, simply use whatever words fit your personality and situation.

The key is to write down the situation, and the specific actions you are going to take. The first step is to accept the challenge—the new belief.

When you accept a challenge despite the doubt or uncertainty you feel, this means taking action. That’s how you edify or strengthen the new belief, and make it work in your life.

That’s Action. What’s the second A for??

The Second “A” is for Accountability

A promise made alone is soon broken. You need other people in your life to hold you accountable. You need to share what you really want in life and where you want to go; but be careful! You can’t just blab your dreams and your deepest desires to anyone. You need to share your dreams with people who will really help you move forward, such as mentors and coaches.

If you are to achieve the success you want, and be the person you must become, you need to be accountable to someone outside yourself.

One of my accountability partners has been my wife, Fiona. She checked in on me with respect to how I was doing when I first decided to go for my big dream, and how I was reacting to various situations. She also made certain to ask if I were doing my journaling. She was hugely supportive, and I am still thankful for her love and encouragement. You have to be accountable for your life in order to be the person you must become.

Now it’s your turn. Who do you have in your life that will hold you accountable – that will help you grow as a person and not “sugar coat” what you honestly need to hear? Maybe you have someone like Fiona, and your spouse will be your best and truest ally. Maybe it’s someone else. Write about it in your journal. Then talk to this person and explain what you need. Arrange to check in every week—or better yet, every day.

You have discovered the power of accountability in your life. So now what? Here’s the next piece.

“ST” is for Self-Talk

Finally, the “ST” stands for self-talk or mental follow-through.

You’ve focused on what you want; you’ve taken the necessary action; you’ve found somebody to be accountable to in order to make sure you’re taking action. Now, you’ve got to have the proper Self Talk, because you will not get the results you want every time. There are going to be disappointments. There are going to be setbacks. Success is not easy. If it were, everybody would be living their big dream.

How do I know that most people are not? Well, just listen to the talk that goes on in the lunchroom at work—or listen to any average conversation. People are always wishing they were living someone else’s life.

Here’s another example from my own life. It’s like shooting a jump shot. I’m a basketball junky, and I used to coach when I was a teacher. There’s a lot to think about when you shoot a jump-shot. Shooting that basket comes from facing the hoop head-on, having the right stance and co-ordinating your body to move from your feet to your fingers in a finely-tuned effort to successfully score a basket.

But that’s just the beginning. Shooting success ultimately comes down to the follow-through. As I would tell students when I was coaching, “It’s like waving to grandma. You have to wave good-bye to grandma after the ball leaves your hands.”

Now that might seem like a silly example, but I want you to understand that the follow through is key in every new behavior you undertake to achieve new goals for your life.

With the basketball example I just presented, you probably understand this already, but just to be clear—you’re not always going to make the basket. Sometimes you’re going to miss. What goes on inside your head after that miss is hugely important. Proper self-talk afterwards means knowing that if you don’t reach your goal this time, you will make it next time. Proper self-talk means saying, “I’m better than that, and next time I’ll make it!”

Goal setting needs to be flexible. You need to realize that you are not always going to achieve your goal the first time. But this doesn’t mean you should never set goals.

As the saying goes, “How do you eat an elephant?” One bite at a time, of course! Getting where you want to go is just a series of small mini-steps so that you come closer and closer to your ultimate destination.

I want you to take action right now. Don’t bypass this step. Reward yourself with positive self-talk when you succeed. When you miss, you have feedback ready. Program yourself ahead of time for success.

Now it’s your turn. Plan and write down what you’re going to say to yourself when you succeed, and what you’re going to say to yourself when you miss the mark. Plan ahead. Then when the situation arises, you’ll be well prepared to move toward success, even if you don’t achieve the results you wanted the first time.

In Summary

By following the FA²ST system you will be able to make faster change in your life and business.

You will finally be able to optimize your behavior and achieve the results that you want.

It all starts with new beliefs.

Before you know it, the new beliefs you have practiced will be as solid and sturdy as the old path. You’re going to be hard-wired for success. You will be living a life of possibilities—and you will truly be the person you must become…




Glenn Dietzel is an internationally recognized Thought Leader and business acceleration strategist. Glenn has created a revolutionary business approach to creating, selling and scaling the value of your advice quickly and easily. His high velocity growth strategies are used by business leaders globally allowing them to command maximum fees and royalties.