infoYOGIS helps businesses succeed online with their vast expertise, incredible leverage and easy access to highly skilled Internet Marketing consultants and SEO Experts.

infoYOGIS helps businesses to ESTABLISH their online presence and be seen…  MULTIPLY their coverage in the market and flood their target audience with their marketing messages… gain AUTHORITY and build trust… ATTRACT real targeted prospects… and PRE-SELL their visitors using online media.

In today’s digitally connected global marketplace, businesses need to answer 3 most important questions:

  • Are they getting the SALES they really deserve?
  • Are they getting REAL visitors to their websites each and every day?
  • Have they COVERED their target market with their sales message?

Most companies say “no” to more than one question above.

Most businesses don’t have clue on how to attract targeted, ‘cash-in-hand’ visitors to their websites. As soon as their website is live, they think they are done. What they don’t realize is — there are more than 25 billion web-pages and over 109.5 million websites online, right now!

A whopping 95% of business fail miserably online.

  • The #1 reason for failure is — “No Expertise”.

That’s why thousands of companies and businesses in 5 continents trust infoYOGIS and consider us as their “Online Marketing Partner“.

Why is it IMPORTANT to marketing businesses on the Internet?

Whether company bosses and business owners like it or not — people ARE discussing about them online. Social media, videos and mobile networks have made the Internet easily accessible and dozens of studies have proven that people DO check businesses online BEFORE they do any business in the offline world.
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On an average, over 59% of all website visitors are directly attributed to search engines. Where else would people go to find information they are looking for?

Google alone gets more than 1.5 billion hits every day!

How many of these hits would you like to siphon off to your business? What kind of a positive difference will that make to your bottom-line? How many more of your products could you be selling everyday, even if a tiny percentage of these people visit YOUR business?




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