Are You Jumping Out Of Bed In The Morning? by Diana Dentinger

Do you jump out of bed in the morning, ready to happily face the day and excited to get to work?

Or are you lying in bed after the alarm goes off, dreading to have to go through another day, another trip to the office, another series of tasks that mean very little to you? Or are you somewhere in between, but realizing that you have to spend those 8 plus hours doing a “job” just so you can pay your bills?

Waking up with dread in the morning, doesn’t sound like a lot of fun and isn’t how most people want to live their lives. I’m willing to bet you don’t either. I bet that you want to wake up with a burning desire to do something significant with your life. And that that something positively impacts those around you.

How to Move From Dread to Desire

Moving from “dread” to “desire” is a process and there are many steps along the way. The very first, and most vital one, is to mentally define, visually see and emotionally feel your Life Purpose.

This makes all the difference in quality of your day and the personal satisfaction you gain while moving forward along your path in life. Sure, there will always be some tasks that belong on the “have to do list” that you are less thrilled about, but with a clear Life Purpose, you have a more relaxed approach with them.

Maybe you are someone who already looks forward to going to work everyday but you’d like to live it more passionately, instead of having the rollercoaster of some good days and some bad. After 25 years of Corporate Training and Personal Development Coaching, I highly suggest to make “Finding your Life Purpose” a priority as soon as possible.

Without a heart felt Life Purpose, you think you are being held back by things “outside” of you, as if they had “power over you”. Remember, your power comes from within you, but until you have unwavering clarity you get easily distracted, waste your time, and make choices based on external factors.

With a well grounded Life Purpose, you emanate a solid presence that radiates proactive energy. People want to be with you and opportunities come
your way easily so you can express more of your Life Purpose. There is more flow to your life, and less resistance. It’s physics!

By spending time on this first essential step and you will find that all of a sudden you can’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning. You can’t wait to get to work and time flies well past 5pm because it all feels so rewarding. When you’re living your Life Purpose, you are fulfilling something deep within yourself and also making a difference in other people’s lives.

When you aren’t totally doing what you are here to do, then you are actually subtracting that from a bigger picture of social contribution. Adding you at your best makes your life more fun and work isn’t just work. It’s something that you look forward to doing. Pause and ask yourself now what you really love to do, what you are great at doing and what is useful for others!

I created a personality profile and coaching process that gives people the exact answers to these questions by describing their innate desires and talents. Then I take them through a rapid process to define their Life Purpose. It requires first filling out a brief Questionnnaire so I elaborate the results. My mission is to help people spend more time living their purpose, and less time in finding their purpose.

How to Move From Working Your Purpose to Being Your Life Purpose

Since you, like most people from their mid twenties to sixties, dedicate the vast majority of their time “working a job”, you realize that your overall life satisfaction depends on how much you feel aligned with who you are and why you are here. And if you are in the right place to express the best of yourself.

As a psychosomatic illnesss therapist, as well as trained Coach, I have a deeper understanding and scientific approach to how people really function. I see the physical health consequences of them not having a Life Purpose. This includes having the answers to vital questions: Who am I, Why am I here and Where best can I serve.

Too many people are simply going through the motions of life, disconnected from their Life Purpose and overly conditioned by others. This has them living someone else’s life path and losing themselves in the process. They dread or half dread their work week with very little sparkle in their eyes and in their hearts.

There are no better self-motivators than a clear Life Purpose together with a list of fulfilling Desires. These become the unstoppable forces that assist you in living happily and healthily. You have more vitality because these generate
energy from within you and therefore you show up more confidently and get things done more efficiently. And this is a lot more powerful than any pressure from a boss or the promise of financial rewards.

After completing step one, you move to step two where you remember that you are a human being. As it seems easier to observe yourself “doing” your Life Purpose in the “visible” way through your actions and the results you achieve in your career or profession, now observe yourself outside of work.

How do you feel? What do you dream about? What more do you you want from life? If money and time were out of the recipe, what ingredients would you mix together to cook up a fantastic life?

Along your path of life, work is just a part. You have a relationship with yourself, you take care of yourself. You have relationships with others. These go from being intimate ones to familiar to acquaintances. You bring yourself in every relationship, even to the book you read and the water you swim in.

When you mentally define, visually see and emotionally feel your Life Purpose in your work, it is just a facet. What about how you are, think and act when you are shopping, exercising, cleaning up or on vacation.

Your Life Purpose is you in every moment, everywhere and with everyone.

There is no separation between work and play, between paid time and free time. When you are in the picture, you bring your Life Purpose with you because it is the core of everything you feel, say and do. It is your big why always.

It’s More About Life than Just Work

We are social creatures with a conscience. That means it’s important to us to touch the lives of those around us in a meaningful way. Think about it… doesn’t it make you feel good when you can do a favor for someone else?

There’s a reason behind the “Random Acts of Kindness” movement. Have you ever read stories about people who pay things forward, offering a meal or coffee to the next person in line at a coffee shop? We do things because it makes us feel good.

Your Life Purpose is not just what you do, but actually why you do it.

It is the reason why something moves you from the inside and drives you deeply to perform an action. But as I stated before, many people are on auto drive. They are less conscious of what and why they do certain things. And
being in a hurry, and less aware, they feel “random” happiness. They yearn for the feeling of fulfillment, when in fact their life is quite empty.

Without a reason, a meaning, a Life Purpose, life can be seen as empty. In this day and age of wanting, we tend to fill that void with things, instead of being “full of ourselves”.

You living your Life Purpose is the most fulfilling thing and you won’t find it on the outside. It gives you the inner peace to sleep restfully and be excited to jump out of bed each and everyday, even on weekends.

It is fine now if you are dreading the day to day routine, or if you feel it could be a bit daunting to step onto a fuller life path. It is worth your time and effort to pause, ask yourself what is truly meaningful for you and answer the questions throughout the article. Your Life Purpose is a process of unravelling so you live the greater meaning of why you are here for greater health and happiness.




Diana Dentinger is an Innovative Change Maker and Influential Thought Leader who inspires you to Play All Out in Life. In her Number One Self Help Transformation book “Modus Vivendi – Your Life Your Way” she takes you on a journey to discover your core personality, purpose and unexplored potential.